A dois dias da Conferência das Nações Unidas sobre as Alterações Climáticas. Age hoje!


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Dear Citizen,

This is it! The final few days are rapidly counting down to the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen starting on December 7th. It has never been more critical to act than right now. You can help make the conference a success by mobilizing everyone you know today. Below are a few things you can do that can and will make a difference.

  • Most important, send an email to 10 friends now asking them to sign the petition.
  • Blog and tweet about the Hopenhagen movement.
  • Change your Facebook status to “Let’s turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen. Become a citizen at hopenhagen.org“.
  • Update your profile picture with a Hopenhagen Twibbon! It’s easy to add the Hopenhagen emblem to your profile pic and show your support for the movement.

Act now! Let’s turn Copenhagen into Hopenhagen.

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  1. think … in our planet!

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