Energy and Sustainability 2011

Energy and Sustainability 2011 (Energia e Sustentabilidade 2011) é a designação da 3rd International Conference on Energy and Sustainability (Conferência Internacional sobre Energia e Sustentabilidade), um evento que terá lugar em Alicante, Espanha, de 11 a 13 de Abril deste ano.

Este é um evento de organização conjunta entre o Wessex Institute of Technology (Reino Unido), Universidad de Alicante (Espanha) e University of New Mexico (Estados Unidos da América).

The world’s economic system is driven by energy. Few of the advances made in the past two centuries would have been possible without the large-scale exploitation of fossil fuels. Resources depletion and predictions of severe environmental effects deriving from continued use of fossil fuels are spurring renewed interest in sustainable energy. The effort that will be required to shift from a fossil fuel-based economy to one hinged on sustainability is massive, requiring advances in the basic sciences (materials, electrochemistry and heat transfer to name a few) through to systems engineering (buildings, electric grids, transportation) and all the way to international policymaking.

The evolution of new energy technologies and systems cannot follow the compartmentalised model that has worked so well in the past, because of the time constraints imposed by oil depletion and climate change. All parts of the new energy economy are strongly interlinked, and researchers in the field must be aware of the entire enterprise to maximize their own contribution. This conference offers an opportunity for scientists, professionals, policymakers and other parties to review recent developments in this rapidly changing environment.

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